Your guided journey will begin with Patti, a synergistic healer, who will ignite your senses as you experience the energetic connection to the elements of the earth.
As you move from room to room, healer to healer you will explore their uniquely created, multi-sensory experience.
vYou will discover your light vibration with Anastacia as she uses the Aura Soma system to show you the colors of your soul's personality.
vPhysic reader and Animal Communicator, Laurie, will take you on a shamanic journey to meet your animal guides.
Fine tune your deeper breath and vagal tone with Julia, bodyworker and intuitive, connecting mind and heart as she adds elements of     sensory stimulation using essential oils.
v Master Meditation Guide, Alexis, will take you through a heart meditation using the elements of water to raise the vibration of the earth as one.
v Like seeds to the earth our renowned Reflexologist, Libby, will teach you to connect with your grounding force through your feet.
v Ryan, bodyworker and Cranio Sacral specialist, presents Body-Energy movement of Tai Chi Cha, elements of air and intrinsic energy to influence the vital force of your body.

We promise that you will have a unique and awakening experience.
I hope that you will join us Saturday April 22nd 12:00-5:00
Tickets are $25 @
Tickets are time specific...pick you time!
FOOD will be available to the general public.